The AGR seal of approval
More than an award
The AGR seal of approval
More than an award

You produce and distribute back-friendly products?

Ergonomics is important to you in the development of your products?

You make the lives of your customers better with your products?

Show it with the AGR seal of approval “Tested & recommended”!

Back pain is the number 1 widespread disease! About one quarter of all days missed due to illness are caused by musculoskeletal diseases such as back pain.

Affected individuals seeking for help will find countless offers for products and methods that promise relief. Having so many different options, it is hard to identify which ones actually help against back pain and which ones do not. Affected individuals are helpless in the face of a flood of information and ultimately only able to guess which information or what product to trust. On the other hand, manufacturers of products that can actually help against back pain face the problem of setting themselves apart from the mass of offers.

That is why we established the AGR seal of approval more than 25 years ago. It is awarded by an independent medical commission and confirms: “This product can help prevent back pain.”
With the AGR seal of approval, affected individuals as well as doctors and therapists have a legitimate decision-making tool for recommending, buying and using back-friendly products. As a manufacturer, you have the opportunity to set yourself apart from other offers and gain trust since the back friendly characteristics of your products have been confirmed by a medical commission.

To reinforce this effect, we use our communicative power to promote and boost confidence in the AGR seal of approval and the products bearing it.

Your path to the AGR seal of approval

The AGR seal of approval is exclusively awarded to products that have proven their back-friendly properties to an independent board of experts from various medical fields.
The multidisciplinary, independent and transparent examination has already been checked by the portal Label-Online „Die Verbraucherinitiative e. V.“ and rated as particularly recommendable.

The European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has also recognized the examination proces as well as the AGR seal of approval as an EU trademark and thus as absolutely reputable and trustworthy.

This ensures the highest quality and informatiove value of the AGR seal of approval.

Become part of the AGR back pain prevention network

What you can expect

Use the AGR seal of approval as an element of trust!
  • The AGR seal of approval confirms your customers: “This product can help prevent back pain!”

  • Your product is tested and recommended by independent doctors and therapists!

  • With the AGR seal of approval, you provide your customers an added buying confidence!

The AGR as a communication partner supports your message!

  • Press network of 3,500 health journalists (about 140 million printed copies annually)

  • In addition to online communication channels (e. g. the four language AGR website), we reach people to whom the health of their back is important through the AGR magazine with a circulation of about 1 million print copies a year (distributed in more than 7,400 practices, clinics etc.).

  • Medical specialists are informed with news related to condition-oriented prevention, products recognised by the AGR and technical articles in “AGR aktuell” (circulation about 17,000 print copies + online edition).

Become a partner in the AGR network – together against back pain!

  • The network of doctors & therapists, medical associations, the industry & specialist dealers as well as affected individuals rely on the AGR seal of approval for more than 25 years!

  • 150,000 doctors & therapists of about 40 associations dedicated to the topic of back pain!

  • Over 70 industry partners and more than 450 AGR-certified speciality dealers rely on the AGR seal of approval!

Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V. - Initiator of the alliance against back pain

150,000 doctors and therapists behind AGR