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Clever training with the right equipment

When it's a case of doing something beneficial for spinal health, preventing pain or dealing effectively with existing problems, experts tend to focus in particular on two structures: the autochthonous muscles and the proprioceptors. But what do these words mean and why are they so important?

The autochthonous muscles are small, deep muscles running along the spinal column. They keep us upright and stabilise the trunk. Proprioceptors are special depth sensors in muscles, tendons and joints. They keep the brain constantly informed about the position, tension and movement of the individual body parts. They are so important for spinal health because they permit find adjustments of the autochthonous muscles and are responsible for fundamental stability.

Special items of equipment make training particularly effective for these important structures.

 The following pages tell you more and show how to make your training particularly back-friendly.

Guetesiegel Ecke gedreht EN133It has been known for a while now that when fasciae stick together, this can cause constrained posture, tension and backache. Fasciae are a kind of connective tissue that form a network covering the muscles, bones and organs. They react to stress, one-sided loads, inadequate exercise and constrained posture.

When fasciae stick together, people suffering from backache have to work against a resistance with every single movement. Eventually the whole body is thrown out of kilter.

As well as dealing with the actual cause, massages can help, or there are also means for people to help themselves. Corresponding information and the necessary equipment can be found on the following pages:



Sport is one of the best remedies when suffering from backpain.

Nevertheless, the jumping, flexing and stretching can become a strain for the back as well as the joints.

In this case matting and special floor mats are to be used in order to reduce impact forces or facilitate the necessary exercises.

Further information can be found on the following pages:

Guetesiegel Ecke gedreht EN133The movement involved in riding a bike is good for the whole body – including the back. At least if we observe a few key aspects when cycling. The linked pages tell you what really matters for back-friendly cycling.

If health reasons prevent you from cycling, perhaps you should consider a stepper bike. It combines the advantages of cycling and running, while the upright posture used for cycling is kinder to your back and joints than sitting on a bike.




Guetesiegel Ecke gedreht EN133Prams and buggies are indispensable during the first three years of a child's life. Comfort for both child and parent is crucial. The pram frequently has to be lifted, carried or collapsed – often putting a burden on the parental spine. Therefore backfriendly solutions are necassary to reliev child and parent.

Carrying aids are popular for keeping babies and infants right up close to the body. The following pages show you which characteristics are important for both baby and parent.

Ergonomic design is also crucial in another helper that children will need for a long time: the child's car seat. Safety-first naturally takes absolute priority. But given that the child's body grows constantly during this phase of his/her life, a back-friendly car seat is also particularly important.