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AGR seal of quality

It is vital for many useful everyday commodities such as office furniture or mattresses to comply with the medical demands made of back-friendly products.

But how can a consumer detect a back-friendly product? Assurance here is provided by the independent seal of approval "Tested & Recommended" by the AGR e.V. (Campaign for Healthier Backs).

The importance of back-friendly everyday living and working conditions is obvious. In Germany alone, around 80% of the population suffer from backache at some point in their lives. The causes on the one hand consist in a lack of exercise, overweight and psychic stress. On the other hand, incorrect posture and movement sequences damage the spinal column, which can cause backache. In order to prevent backache and treat existing conditions, it is particularly important to have enough exercise and not to adopt incorrect posture which puts an unnecessary strain on the back. The personal surroundings are also of great significance: the AGR seal of approval provides reliable support in making these as back-friendly as possible.

The AGR seal of approval is a serious, unique quality attribute for ergonomic and orthopaedic commodities intended to provide assistance in everyday situations. It is awarded only to products that satisfy the strict testing criteria of an independent committee of medical experts and therapists.

The seal of approval was developed in cooperation with Germany's two largest back school associations (BdR e.V. – Federal Association of German Back Schools and the Forum Gesunder Rücken - besser leben e.V. – Forum Healthier Backs – For A Better Life) and received the overall verdict "very good" from the ÖKO-TEST magazine. In recent years, numerous everyday products have been awarded the AGR seal of approval, including office furniture, chairs and sitting furniture, furniture for children and youngsters, satchels, bicycles, bed systems, car and truck seats as well as shoes.

Examples of tested products can be found here