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„Swinging“ away all that everyday stress

The daily lives of many people are associated with countless challenges and great stress. There is unequivocal evidence indicating a link between the human psyche and backache (see also "Causes and tips" - instructions from Fredi Lang).

So we should try and find everyday situations where we can simply let go. One particularly pleasant possibility is with an ergonomic hanging chair of soft cotton netting.

Gentle movements with one-point suspension

The single-point suspension facilitates gentle circular and pendulum movements so that users can relax and enjoy the comfortable feeling of being held and protected. The swinging movement has a calming, relaxing and easing effect on the users while stimulating their physical body awareness at the same time.

Individual adjustments

A special type of weaving without any knots lets the cotton netting adjust to each individual body. Fully variable height adjustment warrants swift adjustment of the sitting height, depending on the user's situation and the ceiling height. The slanting angle can also be adjusted individually. This combination makes it easy to get into the hanging chair and lets the user sit and lie in different positions.


  • The product has a safe, robust single-point suspension for multi-dimensional swinging.
  • Soft cotton netting without any knots for good adaptation to the body with no pressure sores.
  • Simple, uncomplicated adjustment of height and slant makes it easy to get into the chair, enhancing comfort and variability of use, such as sitting and lying in many different positions.
  • There should be a range of different sizes and variations (e.g. separate foot section) to meet the individual needs of the users.

Minimum requirements

  • Single-point suspension
  • Special netting
  • Adjustability

Also appropriate

  • Different versions, sizes, variations

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Swinging away all that everyday stress ...

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