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Loyal companions for the little ones

In the first three years of a child's life, the pram, push-chair and buggy will be the child’s most important companions. They are ideal for long walks, when shopping or on holiday, offering the child comfortable mobility before they can walk themselves or when the distances are too far for little feet. Top quality prams are cost-intensive purchases, so that parents should find out about all the various possibilities before proceeding. Comfort for both child and parent is crucial.

It is very important for the child to be suitably positioned for the respective age. The child’s needs will change in time. While it is best for newborn infants to lie in the pram, later on it should be possible to change over between sitting and lying. Prams that can be converted quickly and easily with an adapter system are therefore ideal.

There should be a central one-hand adjustment possibility for changing between the sitting and lying position.

Freedom of movement is important for the child

An adaptable harness system allows sufficient freedom of movement, and adjustable leg rests help to adapt the pram to the specific situation. Good climatisation should not be neglected, together with the use of washable fabrics that are permeable to air and water.

Even if babies can’t see as well as adults, they love to have a clear view of their Mum or Dad. A cover and weather protection should be provided, such as a sun roof that can be moved well forward, with windows.

Handling and lightweight of crucial importance for the adults

Points to be considered in advance include the question as to where will the pram be used: mainly in town, or in woods and in the countryside? This is important when choosing the tyres. Small swivelling front wheels with a small turning radius are better for town, while large tyres and fixed front wheels are easier to manage in woods and in the countryside. By the way, a pram is a good pram on account of its stability and handling, rather than its size.

The weight is also important if the pram is often lifted into the car or has to be carried upstairs. It is worth lifting the pram up and carrying it a few meters in the shop before making a purchase. A pram shouldn’t weigh more than 12 kg and a buggy no more than 10 kg.

Height-adjustable pram handles and ergonomic buggy handles are an advantage to protect the user’s back. A basket is practical for carrying anything that may be needed while out and about.

Include breaks for playing and moving around

It is important to note that it is not good for the child’s development to sit for too long, even in a perfect pram or buggy. There should therefore be plenty of breaks for playing and moving around.


Child safety is the central aspect when buying a pram. TÜV or GS approval signs offer a reliable decision-making aid. Another crucial aspect is comfort for child and adult.

The pram must offer the child adequate freedom of movement, different, comfortable sitting and lying positions and pleasant climatic conditions.

Pleasant handling and manoeuvring is important for the adults, together with uncomplicated adjustment of various transport units, height-adjustable handles, one-handed adjustment between sitting and lying position; a low weight is important and the pram should also collapse easily.

Minimum requirements

  • Adaptable to the age and size of the child (e.g. with various transport units adapted to the age range: carrycot up to 6 months, child seat up to 15 months, sitting/lying unit from 6 months to 4 years)
  • Sufficient freedom of movement (e.g. adjustable harness systems)
  • Easy change between sitting and lying position (e.g. one-hand adjustment)
  • Optimum clear view for the child to the adult and vice versa
  • Cover and weather protection (e.g. sun roof that can be moved well forward, with windows)
  • Comfortable, adjustable leg supports, e.g. adjustable footrest (not necessary for carrycot)
  • Optimum climatisation
  • Easily collapsible
  • Height-adjustable pram handles, ergonomic buggy handles
  • Lightweight structure up to max. 12 kg (pram) or max. approx. 10 kg (buggy)
  • Easy to handle (e.g. understandable instructions, adjusted without tools, unmistakable handling elements, easily removed and washable covers, easily accessible and spacious basket)
  • Compliance with all current safety requirements

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