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Back-friendly products

Specific back exercises are a good remedy for backache. But none of us spends all day in the gym. So what is the everyday situation like? Whether at home, en route or at work, every day we use products that make our lives easier or more pleasant.
But do these products also make life easier for your back?

Guetesiegel Ecke gedreht EN150In preventing and treating backache, ergonomically correct products are an important but frequently neglected factor.
96% of the orthopaedic specialists interviewed in a study therefore even advise their patients to specifically buy ergonomically appropriate products, particularly when they bear the AGR seal of approval.

This page provides a summary of certified and recommended products for every phase of daily life. All these products are back-friendly and bear the AGR seal of approval.


Campaign for healthy children's backs

House and garden


Lying down

Measuring and testing instruments





Sport and training equipment

Therapy and care