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Which backache type are you? Do the test!

Dr. Dietmar Krause
Dr. Dietmar Krause

An acute pain shoots through your back. As an automatic reflex, you freeze and don't move an inch. Every move is paralysed by the fear that something bad has happened. But medical experience shows that this is rarely the case. Even so, fear prevents many people from continuing to move normally. "If you keep still and lie in bed, you're at risk of the pain really settling in", says Dr. Dietmar Krause, Chairman of the Aktion Rückenwirbel e. V. (Campaign for the Dorsal Vertebrae) in Marburg. "It is important to remain as active as possible", advises Krause. But patients manage their ailments differently, depending on the type of person they are. "In practice we see how differently people cope with pain. Some avoid any kind of exercise and are afraid. Others in turn take an active approach to the problem and learn to deal with the pain", is how Dr. Wolfgang Sohn, psychotherapist and pain expert from Kempen, describes what he has observed.

Source: Dr. Dietmar Krause, Aktion Rückenwirbel e.V.