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against back pain
AGR supporting members

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AGR supporting members

Doctors and therapists promote and support
the independent work of the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs)

Did you know…

that AGR supporting members play large part in our independent work?

that AGR supporting members make a significant contribution which allows people with back pain to get help from the AGR?

that the AGR, thanks to the supporting members, advises thousands of people each year on life with improved back health? or

that AGR supporting members can also enjoy personal benefits?

Being an AGR supporting member is more than just a membership in an association. AGR supporting members are part of a community, sharing an interest in their fellow human beings. Helping people with back pain is important to them.

They support the expansion of our extensive activities – including the further development of the “Alliance Against Backache”. This results in competent, quality advice that ultimately serves their work and offers considerable added value for their patients.

People don’t just have to accept back pain. We want to make a contribution by showing how to do things differently. What people can do for a life with better back health. In keeping with the motto: Together against back pain.

Being a supporting member has special benefits. By utilising just one or two of the AGR benefits, your personal financial gain quickly exceeds your financial outlay. That is intentional and guaranteed!

Find supporting members

A list of our supporting members with contact details and further information is available here.

We support special projects with the help of our supporting members:

Better back health for the youngest!

AGR with the help of its supporting members and VS supports the “Moorkinners” in Bremervörde

In cooperation with our supporting members and VS, we were able to tackle a project of special importance to us this year. In the course of our “Campaign for Healthier Backs in Children”, we were able to make a greatly appreciated donation to the “Moorkinners”, a day-care centre in Bremervörde focusing on movement. After all, back problems are not a question of age so that back-friendly furnishings are important even for the youngest.

The day-care centre strives to impart an understanding of the importance of movement in a playful manner. Motor development is promoted and thereby supports integrated learning. We wholeheartedly agree with that since plenty of movement is elementary for the development of the body, soul and psyche and therefore also the back. The AGR supports this thinking.

After we presented the 12 Hokki to Elisabeth Knörr, the facility’s manager, Alice and Luca immediately claimed them.

They promptly took the mobile active chairs to the group rooms, beaming with joy. This immediately confirmed that we had definitely made the right choice.

The Hokkis are special seating furniture to encourage even more movement in the daily routine at the day-care centre. They are ideal for small suites where children can play games together at a table. Thanks to its special shape, a Hokki can move in all directions and is sure to offer numerous other potential uses in the future.

Alice and Luca’s exploratory urge (“Hey, you can rock with this!”) was clearly apparent during our visit. By the way, the Hokki is also ideal for a child’s room and naturally bears the AGR seal of approval.

“We, the Moorkinners team, are very happy about the donation of the Hokki stools for our day-care centre. It’s an enrichment to know that we can provide our children with secure support in their natural urge to move with these stools, thereby actively promoting their body and spirit,” Elisabeth Knörr says.

Thank you to VS, a leading manufacturer of furnishings for educational institutions, office furniture and equipment, and especially to our supporting members who made this donation possible in the first place. Even if you were not able to be there in person, looking into the bright eyes of the children and seeing their joy as they experimented was well worth it and we wanted to share that with you.

Thank you, supporting members, for your commitment!

The AGR Team

Alice and Luca with Katrin Schlichting and “Moorkinners” manager Elisabeth Knörr are pleased with the Hokkis,
presented by Malte Kammann and Jens Löhn of the AGR Team