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The work of the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs): Joining forces to deal with the public health enemy No. 1.

Die AGRThe purpose of the association is to foster research into avoiding backache and processing the findings from these research efforts in order to make a new contribution to the widespread condition of backache (Article 2 of the statutes AGR e. V.)

Collating and pooling medical knowhow (in various disciplines) about backache, providing information, educating and above all helping those affected – these are the central objectives of the Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR – Campaign for Healthier Backs) e.V. founded in 1995. The association works together closely with many important medical associations. One important issue and an indispensable element in prevention and therapy i.e. in preventing or at least alleviating backache, consists in using back-friendly everyday commodities. The experts are agreed on this today.

The knowledge obtained by the AGR from various medical disciplines about the causes of backache and possible solutions is passed on to those who are affected. It publishes a range of information brochures with appropriate recommendations and practical tips. It also awards back-friendly everyday commodities the "AGR seal of approval" which received the accolade "very good" from the "ÖKOTEST" consumer magazine.