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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Pallet strapping systems

Ergonomic pallet strapping

Our backs are exposed to extreme loads in many jobs, including the skilled trades. Incorrect posture or constant, unhealthy bending in everyday work procedures will result sooner or later in painful disorders. There is therefore an increasing focus on designing workplaces posing a health hazard along more ergonomic lines. In many areas, well-conceived technical measures already minimise the loads for the human body.

Immense burdens from manual strapping

Manual strapping of pallets is one of the everyday work procedures that puts a special strain on the back and on the joints. This task entails securing items on a pallet using a plastic strap. To secure the load correctly with two straps for each pallet, the manual method consists in the worker bending over for times and going round the pallet twice. This is a process that can soon become too much for the back and in joints, with workflows in many large companies resulting in the need to strap more than 50 pallets per day. As a result, each work the worker will bend more than 1000 times and walk round the pallet more than 500 times.

Ergonomic, back-friendly handling

A back-friendly alternative consists in ergonomic, semi-automatic strapping systems. With these systems, the worker can strap variously sized items securely and conveniently from a standing position, without having to bend and without having to walk round the pallet.

Easy to use

Ergonomic design of the sealing unit is also important, as well as easy operation of the strap cutter for PP and PET straps. Furthermore, changing the strap rolls must also be a user-friendly procedure that is kind to the back.

In general terms, all control elements must be easily accessible and simple to use. Depending on the particular application, a mobile elevated module for pallets up to three metres in height may also be appropriate.


  • Easy physiological handling and manoeuvring must be warranted, e.g.
    • by using the machine in a relatively upright posture (no kneeing down or bending over to fasten the strap at pallet height),
    • ergonomic shape and positioning of the handles,
    • a robust and ergonomic pushing and positioning chassis = large wheels and castors, parking brake,
    • low machine weight.
  • It must be possible for the sealing unit to work with different strap widths.
  • High functionality thanks to
    • safe strapping of differently sized items,
    • swift and simple adjustment of the machine to different pallet widths,
    • flexible deployment of the machine in different places,
    • a relatively fast strapping process (approx. 60 seconds to put two straps round a pallet),
    • preventing the strap from twisting to increase the safety of the load,
    • easy and simple to operate, whether operated by hand or with an electronic drive,
    • high-powered battery for strapping more than 300 standard pallets with a single battery charge (the battery is not needed when the machine is operated by hand).
  • User-friendly controls must be easily accessible

Minimum requirements

  • Easy, physiological handling and manoeuvring
  • Sealing unit: possibility of using different strap widths
  • High functionality
  • Control elements: easily accessible and simple to use

Also appropriate

  • Mobile elevated module for very large items

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