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The AGR seal of approval
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Wet cleaning of indoor floors couldn't get any easier than with an ergonomic, walk-behind scrubber dryer

Cleaning tiled, smaller shop areas, for example in grocery stores, fast-food restaurants or the retail space of a petrol station, is a challenge for every cleaner. When done manually with a mop and bucket of water, the work can often be very time-consuming and physically strenuous – and the level of cleanliness is not convincing either. Changing the water, which cannot be done on the spot, as well as constant bending, also do not contribute to a workplace that is reasonably free of strain. And this work can't be done here and there – or maybe can it? Indeed, for smaller areas there are walk-behind scrubber dryers which can do the necessary work efficiently. They also have a decisive advantage. Three operations are completed in one go. First the dirt is loosened, then the floor is scrubbed and finally the dirty water is drawn up again. And there is no need to constantly change the water, because good machines have an enormously low water consumption. So it goes in a jiffy and if necessary also quickly in between.

Ergonomically clean to the finish line

Convenient operation is an essential ergonomic requirement and is synonymous with safe and physiological handling. This is ensured when the scrubber dryer can adapt to your individual body size and is very versatile and easy to manoeuvre. For example, it is possible to pass under tables and chairs and manoeuvre around fixed furnishings, giving you a high level of area accessibility. Furthermore, the possibility to move the handle along two axes, or the so-called delta shape of the cleaning tool can both be helpful in this respect. A low working height of approximately ten centimetres allows you to work close to the edge, eliminating the need for time-consuming finishing work. A lockable operating handle can help you park the scrubber dryer in a stable position when you stop or finish your work.

Low-fatigue working

Since you have to allow sufficient time for larger areas even when using the best walk-behind scrubber dryer, low-fatigue working is also an important criterion to consider. This works if the machine can be moved equally well forwards and backwards, has good steering characteristics and provides a relief spring in the control bar, for example. You will quickly appreciate the latter, as it takes the weight of the control bar off you as much as possible. In the fight against getting tired too quickly, it is also of great help to have an intuitive and sufficiently large coloured control panel, with big and clearly understandable function keys in the minimum amount necessary. It must also be possible to walk at a speed that is comfortable and adapted to your pace.

Everything well under control

Easily accessible and operable components for handling the device are equally good for your back. Therefore, it should be a matter of course that the tank system for fresh and dirty water can be easily removed, filled, emptied and secured by means of clearly defined grip areas and grip handles. This also applies to the presence of a foot-operated locking and unlocking mechanism for the suction shoe.

Easy to transport

Last but not least, the scrubber-dryer must be safe and convenient to transport, which will ultimately also benefit your health and back. Besides having a low weight and transport wheels, it must also feature an ergonomically placed carrying handle that ensures a balanced centre of gravity when lifting. This way you always get to the spot that needs cleaning safely and without hurting your back.


  • Employees with different heights require the scrubber dryer to adjust to their height. Furthermore, all components must be within easy reach for operation. Tool-free assembly of the attachments and cleaning parts would also be advantageous.

  • An intuitive control panel also plays an important role in the operation of the machine. A colour display with big and clearly understandable function keys provides a good overview. True to the motto: as much as necessary, as little as possible.

  • Walk-behind scrubber dryers are not as light as a mop, yet they can be handled with nearly as much flexibility these days. Therefore, make sure that the operating handle is easy to move and that you use a cleaning tool that can easily reach all the necessary areas. The delta shape is said to be very adaptable. All this ensures maximum area accessibility.

  • A machine that does the job equally well forwards and backwards, has good steering characteristics and a clear control panel ensures low-fatigue work. Moreover, you should not have to hold the entire weight of the operating handle.

  • Wheels and a well-placed carrying handle come in very handy for transport.

Minimum requirements

  • Convenient use with different body heights
  • High floor space accessibility
  • Low-fatigue working
  • Easily accessible operating components
  • Adjustable walking speed
  • Easy to transport
  • Stability in the parked position

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