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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Bed systems and mattresses in trucks (for retrofitting)

Lying properly in commercial vehicles

Transport companies are feeling the drastic consequences resulting from the problems involved in "sitting properly in commercial vehicles". Considerable costs are generated by the long periods of absence for drivers, with only 5% of all professional drivers working until statutory retirement at 65.

Only a well rested and well recovered driver is a safe, attentive and therefore also financially viable driver for the employer. Together with the driver's and passenger seat, the bed system in the truck is therefore also of paramount importance. This is an aspect that truck manufacturers have unfortunately not paid sufficient attention to in the past, as the berths usually found in trucks come nowhere near satisfying the demands made in terms of lying comfort and quality of sleep. It would therefore be a step in the right direction to integrate bed systems in the driver's cab that come as close as possible to the demands made of a home bed system, while taking due account of the limited space available, as well as the safety aspects.

Supporting the natural shape of the spine

A back-friendly bed system in a truck supports the spinal column in its natural shape when the driver lies on his back or side. This means individual adjustment to the size, weight and body shape of the particular driver in every sleeping position.

Simple handling, good climate properties

Easy handling, outstanding climate and hygiene properties together with ecologically exemplary attributes are further demands that such systems have to fulfil.


  • The system must support the body shape of the particular driver in every sleeping position. The bed must adapt to the body shape and individual shape of the user's spinal column, supporting the natural changes in position during the night, as well as being capable of regulating moisture levels and permitting or ideally encouraging the circulation of air.
  • The bed should measure at least 200 x 75 cm to prevent any restrictions in the natural movements made while asleep.
  • Just like the bed at home, the truck bed system must offer the best possible solution for fulfilling all requirements for adjusting to the user and also in terms of room and bed climate.
  • The mattress should be light in weight to make it easier to handle. It must be possible to wash the mattress cover.

Minimum requirements

  • Individual adjustment of the bed system to body weight and shape
  • Pressure relief
  • Support for natural night-time movements (including a minimum width of 75 cm and minimum length of 200 cm)
  • Full-surface homogeneous cushioning for the whole body
  • Optimum transfer of the spring base effect
  • Favourable climate properties
  • Washable cover
  • Easy handling
  • Pressure relief for the thighs when sitting
  • Low flammability

Products in this sector with the AGR seal of approval

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