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Contour pillows

Warning, don't go for the wrong pillow!

The pillow is a vital part of the bed. However, most pillows fail to life up to current scientific findings.

The problem is that we each have a differently shaped head and neck, different width in the shoulders and our very own sleeping habits. In addition, the chosen bed system influences the position of the head, the cervical spine and the shoulders when we sleep. One single pillow type therefore cannot hope to meet all the demands. A variable pillow is therefore ideal which every user can shape to suit his or her own specific needs.

The cervical spine must be in the right position

A pillow is supposed to support the cervical spine and according to current findings, it should measure about 40 x 80 cm. Only the head and neck should rest on the pillow, but not the shoulders. A shoulder resting on a pillow is automatically raised. This leads to incorrect positions and muscular tension.

It should also be possible to adapt the shape of the pillow to the user's proportions, for example with different fillings and chambers, permitting different penetration depths and shapes. Different pillow heights should be offered as an alternative. When lying on your side, your head may not sink down (then the pillow is too flat) or be raised upwards (then the pillow is too thick).

Don't neglect hygiene aspects

The pillow should be easy to care for because of hygiene reasons. It should be washable as far as possible. Pillows are used intensively and are subject to wear so that they should be replaced regularly.

Trying and testing

Together with the objectively correct position of the cervical spine, the pillow also has to meet the user's subjective requirements. The pillow must be felt to be pleasant. It is therefore worth thorough testing and trying. The nerves in our face are very small and highly sensitive. One and the same pillow can frequently trigger extremely different reactions. It is important therefore to intensively test the objectively required criteria and the subjective lying comfort.


Minimum requirements

  • Dimension about 40 cm (min. 30 cm to max. 50 cm) x 80 cm wide (min. 50 cm to max. bed width) - for individual use
  • Appropriate height
  • Adjustable to the individual needs or choice of different variations
  • Breathable
  • Washable

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