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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Desks for use at home

Back-friendly multifunctional tables

Modern tables are much more than four legs with a tabletop: They are multifunctional all-rounders that can handle many tasks. With cleverly conceived concepts tables can be adjusted to individual needs and support back-friendly working.

Back-friendly: Height adjustment

Tables are real all-rounders and indispensable in most rooms. People spend a lot of time sitting at them and use them for various purposes. But what must a table be able to do to not only be useful, but also back-friendly?

The main thing is: It must be possible to individually adjust the table height. Because we all have a different height and have a different build. Therefore a fast and quiet adjustment is important. So thereby everyone can individually adjust his or her table.

But the height adjustment does not only mean the adjustment to the respective sitting position. Sometimes it is better to work standing up, because we all sit much too much. It should therefore be possible to adjust tables as quietly and easily as possible, so that continuous position changes with standing, moving and sitting are possible.

Because just like long sitting, long standing is also stressful; position changes are however ideal. In association with this experts speak of the standing/sitting dynamic that has a proven positive influence on the health of the back.

Back-friendly: High functionality

As important as the economic properties of tables are, it is also important that they are designed for diverse tasks, because tables are often used over many years.

Schoolwork, playing, office work - with all these tasks computers are being increasingly used. Apart from this one requires space for lighting, books and possibly a second monitor. So therefore with height adjustable tables make sure that the lifting force is sufficient. An electric motor driven height adjustment is optimal.

A well conceived cable routing is helpful against annoying cable tangle. Many tables already bring concepts on so-called "Power management“ with them, such as for example a cable box that supplies the entire table with electricity. This kind of uncluttered table is not only more practical but also integrates itself more discreetly in the living area.

Furthermore there are user-friendly interfaces for charging devices, laptops and mains connections. These interfaces are a real plus, above all when lighting units are to be variably installed to ensure optimal lighting conditions: With their help reflections and dazzling are avoided - concentrating on the work is more easily achieved.

And for the many small utensils that one likes to keep handy – pens, scissors, paper, ruler – there is the good old, tried and tested drawer.


  • The most important thing is a sufficient height adjustment. It should be designed for small individuals (low adjustment), as well as also for large individuals (high adjustment/standing upright)
  • The height adjustment must be easy, fast and as quiet as possible, only then will it also be really used and posture changes can be undertaken without disturbing other people.
  • Control elements must be clearly labelled and be safe. At best they should be arranged so that during the adjustment of the table there is no risk of injury or that cables or attachments could be damaged.
  • Furthermore in the height adjustment it is important that the lifting force can be adjusted. This especially concerns manually adjustable tables. So that with change of position harmful pushing or pulling on the tabletop can be avoided. An electric motor driven adjustment is ideal.
  • To visually integrate function tables well in living areas they should have a cable and power management. This allows electricity operated devices to be easily connected and the unattractive cable tangle disappears.
  • Small, useful organisation aids, such as for example a drawer, integrated charging devices or the possibility of installing a lamp round off the concept.

Minimum requirements

  • Easy height adjustment that allows standing upright
  • Easy, fast and low noise adjustability
  • Clearly labelled operating elements
  • Adjustable lifting force (not with electric motor driven adjustment)

Also appropriate

  • Inclined adjustment of the table top
  • Prevention of pinch and shear hazards
  • Simple cable routing
  • Interface for charging devices, notebooks and mains connections
  • Variably installable lighting unit
  • Flexibly installable monitor arm
  • Enlargement of the usable area on the table
  • Variable body posture possible
  • Reduction of reflections and dazzling
  • Retrofitting of cable conduits and desktop holder
  • Footrest for relaxed standing
  • Elastic foot mat to promote the complex standing dynamics

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