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Desks (Standing workplaces for sitting and standing)

Ideal in the office: alternating between sitting, standing and moving.

In addition to having a positive frame of mind, the latest findings indicate that alternating between sitting, standing and moving is ideal for effective office work and well-being in the workplace. As an equation for ideal office work, occupational health specialists recommend: maximum 50% sitting, approx. 25% standing and approx. 25% moving. In this context it is important to have at least an integrated standing workplace. Even better is a sitting and standing workplace with adjustable height which makes it easy to bring about the necessary change in load.

Changing position has positive impacts

Practical tests have shown that such workplaces actually do result in more dynamic movement throughout the entire working day. More happens in the body when changing from sitting to standing than when changing between various sitting positions. Besides an immediately noticeable improvement in physical well-being, inrestricted changes in body posture also have another positive effect in considerably expanding the worker's intellectual performance and creativity.

Stand-up meetings

Meetings can also be held standing up, preferably at a desk with adjustable height. Such meetings will be much more concentrated and disciplined. If long meetings cannot be avoided, here too it is advisable to alternate between sitting and standing.

More movement – not just in the office

It is not just in the office that "more movement" makes sense: this motto also helps us throughout our everyday lives. It is not hard, but it is absolutely beneficial to take this on board and constantly look out for possibilities of introducing more movement into everyday routines (see also "Tips on keeping moving every day" below).


It must be possible to make quick, easy, uncomplicated adjustments to take account of your individual body size without any tools and regardless of the load. With your arms hanging relaxed from your shoulders, your lower arms should rest at right angles on the desktop.

The desk must have clear, easily accessible controls.

Adequate legroom is extremely important as otherwise this can cause hindrances at work (including unsuitable twisting movements). The legroom curve specified by TÜV (German technical inspection association) defines the clearance for legs when sitting/standing at a desk and prohibits for example any interfering crossbars and must be heeded.

The light sources should be absolutely glare-free, also including sunlight, which should not create interfering shadows when coming in from the side. Smart shading devices should be used if possible.

Minimum requirements

  • Simple height adjustment for upright standing
  • Clearly arranged controls
  • Adjustable table lifting force (except for motorized tables)
  • Adequate legroom
  • Just for conference tables: choice of different desk sizes
  • Just for conference tables: at least 70 cm desk top length per person
  • Just for conference tables: good standing position for users at all places around the desk

Also appropriate

  • Footrest (as alternating support when standing)
  • Collision protection (stops adjustments when encountering resistance)
  • Use-friendly interface for chargers, notebooks and power connections
  • Illumination unit for flexible installation (right/left)
  • Flexible monitor arm for 3D positioning of the screen
  • Simple retrofitting of cable conduit and desktop holder
  • Resilient foot mat to encourage dynamic standing

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Further information

Tips to keep moving every day

  • Stand up or walk up and down during meetings and phone calls.
  • Take the stairs rather than lifts and escalators.
  • Go and get the things you need rather than asking someone else to bring them for you.
  • Consider how to exercise on the way to work (walk, cycle, get off the underground or bus one stop earlier, choose a car park about 10 minutes walk from your workplace).
  • Go for a walk in your lunch break or after work.
  • Walk around when you have to think about something. This helps to organise and structure your thoughts.
  • Organise your work procedures to make you walk, e.g. move the printer and copying machine to another room or go and see your co-workers in person instead of sending an e-mail.
  • Conduct meetings while outside for a walk.
  • If you use public transport to get to work: look for a free place to stand and play around with your sense of balance as your body adjusts to the dynamic movement of the vehicle.