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Gym mats

Modern gym mats for more health and fun while exercising.

School sport is extremely important for the development of growing children. Regular exercise is good for the body and the mental performance, for health, self esteem and team ability. Good physical education should be performed on modern gym mats. They additionally promote pleasure in exercising and are good for muscles and joints.

Functional mats can be used in diverse ways

Children and adolescents are subjected to a daily sitting marathon: first at school, then at home with the homework and computer games. The dramatic consequences: Obesity, postural deformities, coordination disorders, attention deficits and unusual behaviour patterns. For this reason physical education is also one of the most important subjects. So that the children have a lot of fun during the exercise, gym mats should promote the movement urge and offer sufficient safety.

Fortunately the times of ultra-heavy chromium leather mats filled with horse hair are long past. Today's modern gym mats are not only very much lighter; they also have excellent cushioning properties. Apart from this they should be large enough to be able to do exercises standing, laying down and whilst moving. It is ideal if they can be seamlessly laid out to different size exercise areas. This way they can be used in kindergartens, schools, sports clubs and as martial arts mats - or inside one's own four walls and in the garden.

With gym mats good cushioning is the be-all and end-all

An elastic layer between the body and the floor protects against cold, provides comfort and prevents injuries. Jumps are optimally cushioned with modern mats because they gently and evenly absorb the energy. Special coatings make gym mats robust, durable and skid proof. Skin grazes or even burns no longer occur thanks to the special surface.

Modern gym mats have a hygiene protection

As usually many people use gym mats and naturally also sweat during exercising there should be sufficient hygiene protection. Antimicrobial coatings ensure more cleanliness and safety; no unpleasant mildew stains and mould occur and unpleasant smells are avoided.


  • Make sure gym mats have a good cushioning effect. Whether standing, kneeling, laying down or sitting - no body part should directly touch the floor. An elastic layer must always remain between the body and the floor. Through this the mat provides the necessary comfort and at the same time prevents injuries.
  • If one wants to lay out a larger area, for example during floor exercises or at the kindergarten, then it must be possible to lay out the mats seamlessly to different size exercise areas. Here it is important that the mats do not slip.
  • Individual mats as well as several mats laid out to an area should offer sufficient space to be able to perform exercises from different starting positions, such as for example from the supine or face-down position, from the lower arm or side support and the straddle standing position.
  • During exercising or whilst playing in daycare centres it can come to falls. In these cases it can quickly happen that one slips with the leg or the arm over the mat. The surface must therefore be structured so that it does not come to skin burns and grazes.
  • Whether with body perception exercises, lying down or with barefoot exercises – a good gym mat also has good insulation properties so that a cold gym floor does not represent a problem.
  • Gym mats should be robust so that they can withstand pressure and tensile loads over the long term.
  • Especially with school sports mats need to be moved back and forth very often. The mats should therefore not be too heavy so that they are easy to handle and transport.
  • As with all pieces of sports equipment that are in direct contact with the body the hygiene is important. The material should therefore be structured so that it reliably and permanently protects against bacteria, smells and mould formation. Mildew stains should not develop.

Minimum requirements

  • High cushioning properties
  • The possibility of creating different size movement areas
  • Convenient size
  • Skid-proof surface behaviour
  • Skid-proof and functional surface
  • High ease-of-use
  • Good insulation
  • Robust, tear-resistant and durable
  • Easy handling
  • Hygiene protection

Also appropriate

  • Different versions for specific applications

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