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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Implement carrier and compact sweeper

Multifunctional implement carrier and compact sweeper

Compact sweepers and/or multifunctional implement carriers are true all-rounders that perform many different tasks. They are therefore often in constant use - and have to satisfy special demands in terms of back-friendly design, safety and easy use.

Ergonomically designed all-rounders

These all-rounders perform many tasks including sweeping the streets, mowing the grass and clearing the snow as well as gritting and watering and much more besides. Frequently the vehicle has to be adapted to different tasks several times a day. It is therefore important for one person alone to be able to change all implements quickly and easily. None of the work involved should put a burden on the back. Trolleys for the individual implements help with ergonomic handling. Hydraulic connections make it quick and easy to connect up the implements. Installation is facilitated by size, shape and colouring to rule out operating errors. Moreover, it must be particularly easy to access the sweepings hoppers so that the hopper can be emptied and cleaned simply.

Great focus on safety

DIt must be possible to get into the sweeper safely. Pneumatic door openers or similar safe-state devices prevent the door from closing unintentionally. Handles along the entire width of a robust full-frame door make it easier to get in. Both profiled entrance edges and a securely fitted floor covering contribute towards a non-slip surface and also make it safe when getting into the vehicle. The single-seater safety cabin should ideally offer sufficient headroom. Another important feature is an adequately sized driver's seat with lordosis support, adjustable arm rests and adjustable shoulder support. These are prerequisites for ergonomic sitting. A single-handed steering column with longitudinal adjustment makes a further contribution to back-friendly working.

The vehicle must be manoeuvrable, directionally stable and equipped with good shock absorbers. This works best with a spring-suspended chassis and a cabin mounted on vibration-damping bearings. An air-sprung driver's seat with visual display for optimum weight adjustment also helps. Additional comfort is provided by a good heating and air-conditioning system, sun blinds and a curved windscreen to reduce noise and light reflections.

Safety is very important as these vehicles are constantly manoeuvred back and forth. Together with the statutory lighting, it also helps to have additional working lights fitted to the roof and to the rear of the vehicle for the best-possible field of vision. A combination brake with load-dependent brake balance stops the machine quickly and reliably when needed. Fully hydraulic and variable drive with permanent all-wheel drive and traction control keeps the vehicle moving with agile manoeuvrability and exactly on track, even on uncertain ground.


  • It must be safe to get into and out of the driver's cabin without putting any undue strain on the driver's back. This is achieved with door openers, handles and non-slip features at the door and on the floor.
  • The driver must be protected from avoidable shocks and vibrations. Here attention should be paid to a special chassis suspension system together with vibration damping for the vehicle cabin. Air-sprung driver's seats with weight adjustment are also highly recommended.
  • A back-friendly, adjustable sitting position is taken for granted, particularly in view of the many hours that the drivers spend in the vehicle. It should therefore be possible to adjust the arm rests and backrest of the driver's seat, which should also have an adjustable shoulder support and lordosis support. Make sure there is plenty of headroom.
  • In the interests of an ideal sitting position, it is just as important for the steering column to have longitudinal adjustment as well as a control panel integrated in the arm rest for quick and easy handling of even complex machine functions.
  • As a basic principle, it should be safe and comfortable to operate the vehicle. The driver must have a good view both of the working area and also of all machine and work functions.
  • An air-conditioned, soundproofed driver's cabin should be standard.
  • As the vehicle is driven by only one person, it must also be possible for just one person to operate and change the implements. Changing the implements should be quick and easy. Any confusion or malfunctions in connecting up the implements must be ruled out.
  • The manufacturer should offer many different implements for a wide range of tasks, also including special solutions for specific requirements.

Minimum requirements

  • Back-friendly when getting into and out of the vehicle
  • Shock absorbers and vibration dampers
  • Back-friendly sitting position
  • Safe and comfortable operation
  • Range of implements for many different requirements and special equipment
  • Implements changed/fitted by just one person
  • No small loose parts after removing implements
  • Clear installation of the implements without risk of malfunctions or confusion
  • Convenient trolleys for safe and easy handling of the implements
  • Easy access to the sweepings hopper (checking, inserting larger items, cleaning)
  • Vehicle complies with currently valid EU directives

Also appropriate

  • Height adjustable comfort seat with armrests
  • Reversing camera
  • Camera system with birds-eye view
  • Storage spaces for documents and small parts
  • Bottle/can holder
  • Storage spaces for personal items
  • Front and/or rear working lights for illuminating the working area
  • View of suction duct and suction duct cam
  • Additional mirror for the intermediate axis area

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Ergonomically designed all-rounders

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