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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Lawnmower (electric/rechargeable battery)

Neat lawns without backache

Numerous scientific studies have meanwhile confirmed what many people have always thought: gardening keeps you fit and healthy, is better than drugs and medicine, replaces the gym and soothes the soul. After just a few minutes, your blood pressure decreases by ten percent and then remains on a healthy level. Your pulse will be strong but regular, with your heart and all other organs receiving better oxygen supplies. This applies to the brain too: your intellectual capacity improves and your memory works better.

Gardening in general and mowing the lawn in particular is ideal for doing more exercise. This is something else that has decreased drastically in recent decades. On average, people walk only maximum 1,500 steps each day, instead of the ideal target of 10,000. After all, we need exercise to strengthen our bones and muscles and to stimulate the metabolism.

Back-friendly posture and handling

Gardening is ideal in this respect. The only draw-back: the wrong implements can quickly turn gardening into a frustrating experience. The back in particular will suffer and soon make itself felt with tension and pain. Fortunately, industry has reacted accordingly and now offers ergonomic lawnmowers that facilitate a back-friendly posture and handling.

Posts and handles

An important prerequisite is for the posts to be adjustable in height to adapt to different body heights. This is the only way to permit fatigue-free working in an upright position.

The handles should also be ergonomically designed. This helps to prevent the wrists from bending when steering the mower. The possibility of changing the position of the hands is also an advantage.

Low weight, favourable weight distribution

Many lawnmowers are kept in the cellar or in a garden shed so that the importance of having a lightweight lawnmower should not be underestimated. The weight of a lawnmower with a cutting width of up to 43 cm should not exceed 15 kg including the battery. Specially attached handles make it easy to transport and stowing the lawnmower in practically any conditions. Well-balanced weight distribution is important when carrying the lawnmower and is an additional advantage. Hinged posts also make it easier to stow the lawnmower away.

Well-balanced distribution of weight across the axles also makes the lawnmower easy to steer.

Easy to use

Other features of a back-friendly lawnmower include easily used switches and simple handling of all the controls. Important attributes include central cutting height adjustment, an easily fitted and removed grass catcher and smoothly functioning height adjustment.

A lawnmower that also runs quietly is kind to the user's ears and to the environment.


  • The height adjustment of the posts makes it possible to adapt the lawnmower to different body heights. This permits fatigue-free working in an upright posture.
  • The ergonomic shape and position of the handles prevents the wrists from bending when steering the mower.
  • The switches are easy to use; together with the possibility of using various different hand positions, this also helps to relieve the pressure on the wrists and hands when handling the lawnmower.
  • In addition, the lightweight structure and uniform distribution of weight in the lawnmower makes it very easy to transport, manoeuvre and stow away.

Minimum requirements

  • The posts must be adjustable in height.
  • Back-friendly handling must be warranted while relieving the burden on the joints.
  • The lawnmower must be easy to manoeuvre.
  • All controls must be easily accessible and simple to use.
  • The lawnmower must be easy to carry, preferably held with both hands in front of the body.
  • It must be easy to stow away.

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