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Leisure shoes

Leisure shoes and leisure clogs: for feet that are fit and well

Our feet spend more than one third of our life in shoes. Shoes therefore play an important role when it comes to healthy exercise. Leisure shoes and clogs have to fulfil special requirements so that they are not just comfortable but also encourage exercise. This is why these shoes have been thoroughly designed through to the very last detail.

The right fit

Walking barefoot strengthens the muscles in the feet and trains our sense of balance because we have to compensate for uneven floor or ground surfaces. But in our part of the world, it is rarely possible to walk barefoot. This is why it is so important for leisure shoes and leisure clogs to fit properly – in both length and width. An ideal fit depends on using the right lasts during the production process. The last should be based on the natural shape of the foot so that the shoes don't pinch and are neither too big nor too small.

The foot must have sufficient space to move while still being securely guided. This is the only way to avoid the splayed feet or fallen arches (colloquially also known as "flat feet") that trouble nearly half of the entire population in industrial countries. Sometimes insoles will be necessary to correct the position of the foot. This should also be possible in leisure shoes.

The last ensures that the shoe does not impair the natural shape of the foot. It also influences the natural way we roll our feet. In other words, walking and running in these shoes is great fun because you feel that they're good for your feet with every step you take. They form a solid basis for walking upright and guarantee optimum static and dynamic conditions for the body's entire posture and locomotor system. Clogs should always have a heel strap for this purpose.

The right material

Most shoes enclose the foot completely so that it is important to pay attention to good air circulation for the feet which discharge a not inconsiderable quantity of perspiration each day. Always therefore pay attention to permeable materials.

Optimum shock absorption

Great progress has been made in recent years in finding the perfect shoe. Developers and designers are gaining a better understanding of what is good for our feet. Shock absorption plays a quite crucial role. Good leisure shoes and leisure clogs take account of pressure distribution, walking and running speed together with walking and running style. More or less shock absorption is therefore provided for the different sections of the sole. Ideal examples include shoes and shoe soles that adapt to the foot individually according to body heat and body weight, such as the DUX Clog or the DUXfree Trainer by chung shi. The sole thus protects the locomotor system from extreme vibrations.

Thanks to the flexible structure, the muscles of the feet themselves have to provide the stability needed for walking and standing. In this context, experts talk about the way the ground surface provides what is known as tactile-proprioceptive stimulation for the soles of the feet. In other words, the feet are well protected but still able to perceive uneven floor or ground surfaces, so that the body can react accordingly as if walking barefoot. This not only strengthens the muscles in the feet but is also important for stabilising the corresponding joints as well.


  • Give your shoes a day's rest after every day in use. This prolongs the service life and enhances shoe hygiene.
  • Leisure clogs that are frequently worn barefoot should be easy to clean or disinfect. In other words, they must be resistant to moisture.
  • The rule for clothing also applies to shoes: they should be verifiably free of harmful substances.


  • The shoes must offer optimum shock absorbing properties to warrant relief for the heel and forefoot. Ideally, the material of the sole should adapt individually to the foot depending on bodyweight and body heat.
  • The soles of the feet should be stimulated by the ground surface, thus strengthening the muscles in the feet and stabilising the corresponding joints: training for the whole foot.
  • Lasts and design must comply with state-of-the-art shoe technology and medical findings and use the same length and width system.
  • It must be possible to move the feet in all directions without compromising safe guidance; the shoe must not impair or change the natural shape of the foot.
  • A non-slip sole is important.
  • Leisure shoes should have removable insoles so that individual insoles can be used while still ensuring that the shoe is held firmly at the foot.
  • Leisure clogs have a heel strap or another means of securing the hindfoot. This ensures that the shoe is held firmly at the foot and cannot slip down unintentionally, so that the user doesn't turn over on his ankles or even fall.

Minimum requirements

  • Different lengths with adequate width for the forefoot
  • Optimum shock absorption properties
  • The natural shape of the foot must not be impaired
  • Positive influence on the way we roll our feet
  • Non-slip sole
  • The freedom of movement for the feet must not be restricted
  • Secure guidance for the feet
  • Sole of the feet stimulated by the ground surface
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Free of harmful substances
  • Use of insoles (leisure shoes only)
  • Suitable for cleaning/disinfecting (leisure clogs)
  • Resistant to moisture (leisure clogs)
  • Security for the hindfoot (leisure clogs)

Also appropriate

  • Use of insoles (leisure clogs only)
  • Adjustable heel straps (leisure clogs only)

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