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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Loading and transport systems

Move, lift, load and unload – on your own and with no back pain.

Experts agree: muscles are the best way of preventing back pain. People whose jobs involve transporting goods and frequently loading and unloading their vehicles generally have a highly stable muscular corset. Despite this, they suffer from back pain more often than average. A contradiction? Not at all. Because even the strongest muscles cannot compensate for the frequent incorrect loading carried out during this work. The only thing that can help is an ergonomically designed loading and transport system that does most of the work for you.

Rediscover the joy of transporting goods

It could be a heavy washing machine, or larger appliances and heavy tools. Many professions involve having to transport loads from one place to another every day, and this often requires great physical effort. It is even more difficult when steps or loading sills need to be overcome. If that’s the case for you, then you know only too well that it is difficult to adopt back-friendly behaviour here. These shooting pains in the back happen when sciatica flares up or your intervertebral discs weaken. Surveys show that one in four employees suffers from complaints arising from heavy lifting and carrying. But you can counteract this. With a properly designed loading and transport system for trade, commerce, industry or wherever else it can be applied, loading and unloading vehicles or negotiating steps becomes child’s play. Both your back and your employer will thank you!

Take heavy loads from A to B, and more

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to lift a heavy package into the transporter or how tedious it can be to overcome a step in the workplace. The right support can significantly lighten the load. A mobile transport and loading system with individual, height-adjustable transport surface can be used easily by one individual. You also have to be able to manoeuvre the system easily and comfortably as it is loaded, and it must have the relevant safety system that would prevent it from rolling away unintentionally. Another important point is that the securing system lets you secure the load easily and ensures good stability when the transport surface is lifted.

Thanks to this ingenious technology, a trolley is made into a small lifting platform that climbs into your vehicle together with its load, is also suitable as a mobile, height-adjustable workbench at the place of use and enables you to work ergonomically on site.

And what does ideal, back-friendly loading look like? It’s very simple: in a raised position, you can move the loading area so that the load, including the transport system, can be very easily transported into the vehicle. The same principle also helps you to climb a step – without a lift truck and without a forklift.

And, of course, operating the loading and transport system as a whole needs to be ergonomic and intuitive.

A tip:
Watch the film at the end of this page. It will give you a practical overview of a back-friendly loading and transport system.


  • If you would like to transport heavy loads from A to B, the system should also have a sufficiently large non-slip loading area (e.g. for a Euro-pallet). At the same time, it is essential for the goods in transport to be protected from falling or slipping.
  • Please note that it must be possible to pull, push and steer the system comfortably even with maximum load.
  • If you have to leave the system alone for a short space of time, it must of course not be able to roll away independently, especially if the floor has a slight slope. For this reason, please ensure that it can be properly secured, e.g. using parking brakes.
  • To overcome steps or load the goods, including the system, into a vehicle in a comfortable and manageable way, the system must have the appropriate lifting technology.
  • Comfortable and sufficient height adjustment of the loading area along with sufficient operating time is indispensable here. Because the system is mobile in use, the adjustment should, for example, be performed using battery operation and should last for the working day on one charge. The ideal case is if it can be charged inside the vehicle, e.g. on the way to the recipient or to the place of use.
  • Fundamentally, the entire operation must be ergonomic.
  • All regulations for securing loads in the vehicle must also be fulfilled by a loading and transport system.

Minimum requirements

  • Large and non-slip loading area
  • Comfortable handling – ergonomically operable
  • Secured against rolling away
  • Height adjustment
  • Sufficient operating time
  • Can be loaded into a small utility vehicle while supporting a load
  • Load securing

Also appropriate

  • The table can be used simultaneously as a height-adjustable lift table/work table
  • Practical accessories such as
  • ...charger (230V, 12V)
  • ...airline lashing straps
  • ...cord net
  • ...edge protector
  • ...loading ramp
  • leg
  • ...loading bridge and roll-off protection
  • ...cover

Products in this sector with the AGR seal of approval


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