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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Mini trampolines

Bouncing is fun and keeps you fit!

To keep the back and spinal column fit, specific exercises can help to strengthen the muscles in the back so that they do their job of supporting the spinal column and relieving the pressure on the intervertebral discs.

A highly elastic mini trampoline has been designed as an appropriate and extremely effective piece of exercise equipment, offering users the possibility of "bouncing" instead of "jumping": this is not only good for the cardiovascular system but also activates the respiratory system and fosters coordination. Furthermore, it is good for the back and also great fun, making it ideal for anyone to exercise on, whether young or old and even those with limited mobility. What's more, your inveterate couch potato will also enjoy the gentle yet highly effective bouncing movement and benefit from the positive effects of physical and psychic activity.

Gentle cushioning effect

Trampolines are increasingly available with rope rings instead of steel springs. They stand out by being great fun while offering a high therapeutic value. The round mini trampolines measure 1 to 1.5 m in diameter and are up to 40 cm in height. The mat penetration depth results in a very gentle and long braking distance which triggers a spontaneous relaxation reflex. The gentle bouncing movement places only minimum load on the joints and intervertebral discs, leading to a wide range of possible uses in prevention and rehabilitation, particularly in the common diseases of modern civilisation. Exercising on the mini trampoline generates sustainable benefits and is a popular therapy activity.

What are the most important effects when exercising on a mini trampoline?

The muscles are instinctively tensed and relaxed, activating every single cell in the body and thus triggering a high rate of metabolic activity. In the context of trampoline ergometers, head cardiologist Dr. Altmann from Bad Gottleuba hospital sees that patients rediscover the joy of exercise and gladly continue the therapy on their own at home on their trampoline. The physician speaks of a high quality of life, with cardiac patients being better able to adapt to the strains and stresses of daily life in the domestic or work setting.

Esercixe scope and intensity

It is practically impossible to overdo it! Fifteen to twenty minutes daily bouncing on the mini trampoline are sufficient to have a positive effect including reinforcing the cardiovascular system, the connective tissues and the back muscles or enhancing concentration. In addition, the pumping action in the leg muscles acts as pronounced lymph drainage. Furthermore the metabolic system is activated, fostering digestive activity and enhancing weight loss. Bouncing on the mini trampoline also strengthens the bones, thus making a positive contribution to preventing osteoporosis.


Studies on the effectiveness of mini trampolines revealed that exercising on the trampoline gets increasingly tiring for the user, the greater the tension of the trampoline surface, in other words, with decreasing amplitude. This also increases the strain on the cardiovascular system. On the other hand, a longer bouncing time i.e. increased amplitude decreases the physical effort involved with a holistic improvement in the health effects. Altogether, trampolines with a more yielding surface generate far greater metabolic activity, are kind to the joints and intervertebral discs, help to build up the muscles and contribute to general relaxation.


  • Instructions and safety information must be included. Ideally, initial familiarisation with the mini trampoline should be available from experienced consultants or medical staff.
  • Individually adaptable to bodyweight and size for optimum use of all the possibilities offered by a mini trampoline.
  • Highly elastic with optimum load distribution, e.g. suspended by individual rope rings and a rebounding matt. The longer the braking distance, the more demanding the intramuscular activity.
  • Suspension of the mat with elastic rubber rope rings instead of conventional steel springs results in soft, harmonious bouncing.
  • Many possible uses: in the office or living room, also ideal for schools and kindergartens, in rehabilitation centres and facilities providing care for the elderly.
  • Particularly when used by children, frame padding around the edge can help to prevent bruising when bouncing and jumping on the mini trampoline.
  • Handles are an important safety feature to make it easier for older people to get on and off the mini trampoline.
  • Folding legs are recommended so that the mini trampoline does not take up too much space when put away after training. Ideally, it should of course always be set up ready for use in between, even if only briefly.

Minimum requirements

  • Easy to handle, very user-friendly
  • Possibility for briefing or individual specialist advice
  • Individually adaptable to body weight and body size
  • High elasticity and optimised load distribution
  • Bouncing frequency kind to the joints
  • Many different possible uses

Also appropriate

  • Covering around the edge
  • Handles
  • Different colours and features for sophisticated living areas
  • Space-saving robust hinged legs for erecting and dismantling quickly

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Exercises on the bellicon mini-trampoline

Various back exercises.

Exercise 1

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Start with a jumping-jack movement, i.e. with each jump, spread your legs and arms away from your body, returning to your starting position with the next jump. Now keep your arms by your sides while stretching your legs. Change the rhythm again and now bounce with both legs..

Exercise 2

bellicon2 220

Make the bouncing more intensive and turn your legs alternately to the left and right each time you‘re in the air. Keep the upper part of your body still with your arms stretched out to the side. Now make the exercise more intensive by swinging your arms at the same time.  Gradually reduce the bouncing effect.

Exercise 3

bellicon3 220

Start bouncing with both legs; keep turning your body through a quarter rotation to the left until you get back to your starting position. Now turn your body in the other direction. Make the exercise more intensive by turning half a rotation to the left and then to the right again. Repeat the exercise several times. Finish the exercise and gradually reduce the bouncing effect.

Exercise 4

bellicon4 220

Swing & breath
Lie on the trampoline, pull your legs up to your body and start to swing gently. Start to make a circular movement with your knees bent, in clockwise and counterclockwise direction. Now put your feet on the edge of the trampoline and place your hands on your abdomen. Breathe freely and deeply in and out.



Bouncing is fun and keeps fit!