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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Vibration roll

Vibration for specific fascial training and for alleviating complaints

We owe many everyday things to space research: UV filters for sun glasses, solar cells, water filters, dental braces, infrared ear thermometers and also the highly effective vibration training which has found its place in therapeutic training for a few years now. One completely new product is the vibration roll for neuromuscular stimulation of muscles and nerves.

Vibration and fascial training in one

The vibration roll combines two innovations in one device: fascial training and vibration training. The importance of the fasciae was underestimated for a long time. Today they are known to be an important part of the connective tissue, coating muscles and organs in a white layer. It is the fasciae that make it at all possible for force to be transferred by the muscles. Fasciae have very few blood vessels but all the more nerve ends and receptors.

People who exercise regularly have nothing to fear from the fasciae which remain elastic and fully functional. What the fasciae don't like is a lack of exercise. This makes them stiff and sticky. Small tears and wounds may even be caused. The muscles will cramp and be painful. The back in particular is frequently affected. A fascial roll helps to restore the elasticity of the connective tissue coatings.

Effect of vibrations on the body

The results can be particularly effective if vibrations act on the body at the same time, as impressively confirmed by numerous studies. Besides restoring the fasciae, neuromuscular stimulation therapy with a vibration roll also triggers numerous other processes: the metabolic rate increases, the osteoblast cells that are so important for bone formation are activated, the central nervous system is stimulated and the lymph system activated, while involuntary muscular contractions boost stamina levels.

This applies particularly to the deep back muscles. The authochthonous muscles in the back can be one of the causes of backache as they are responsible among others for the position of the spinal column. Unfortunately they are frequently overstretched so that the vulnerable spinal column is out of kilter. It is difficult to train these muscles with conventional weight training. Vibrations impact particularly on this deep layer of muscles and help to bring the spinal column into balance again.

Vibration rolls help not just with backache

The advantage of a vibrating fascial roll is that it can be used practically anywhere: when lying, standing or kneeling and even sitting at the desk in the office. It produces rolling movements in at least two directions. Different degrees of pressure can be applied with many different exercises. Verifiable success can be achieved with just three sessions of five minutes each day.

Possible uses are not just limited to a pain-free back. They can also treat stiff joints and muscular atrophy. Regular use of the vibration roll in physiotherapy can achieve positive effects for muscular injuries and pelvic floor insufficiency, impaired physical perception or nervous illnesses, such as restless legs syndrome.


  • The roll generates effective vibration with periodic pulses hitting certain parts of the body specifically at a defined speed.
  • The roll is robust and stable in shape so that it is not damaged by bodyweight and other loads.
  • It should be possible to treat all externally accessible muscle groups in the locomotor system. It is important to perform rolling movements in at least two directions; this can be done alone or also with a partner. Furthermore, temporary localised treatment can also be beneficial.
  • Some parts of the body are more sensitive, so that it helps to be able to exert differing pressure and to have the possibility of different self massage variations, e.g. when lying down, kneeling or standing against the wall.
  • The vibration roll should preferably be suitable for cordless operation with batteries to give users greater freedom in performing their exercises to suit their individual needs and particularly without being tied to any one place.
  • Furthermore, the operating and battery charging time must be adequate and in an appropriate ratio. One battery charge should be sufficient for several training sessions so that the device does not have to be recharged every time after it has been used.
  • All necessary connections, chargers, switches etc. must be quick and easy to use. They may not interfere in training or use so that no injuries will be caused. Intuitive, error-free operation must be warranted.
  • The frequency range and amplitude of the vibration roll should preferably be adjustable so that training sessions or therapy treatments can be adapted individually to personal needs.
  • It should be easy to clean the rolls. In view of the fact that they are used directly on the body and thus on the skin, it should also be possible to disinfect them.
  • The handling and massage descriptions must be so detailed that people with little knowledge of anatomy can use the aid. Ideally it should be possible to use them without needing a partner.

Minimum requirements

  • Generates effective vibrations
  • Dimensionally stable, robust, abrasion-proof, insoluble in water and easy to clean or disinfect
  • Physiologically suitable for all externally accessible muscle groups in the locomotor system
  • Suitable for use in differing initial positions, e.g. lying down, sitting, kneeling and standing
  • Appropriate operating and charging time in cordless operation
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Suitable for use without partner
  • Detailed handling and massage description should be available

Also appropriate

  • Available with different covers
  • Fully adjustable for various frequency ranges
  • Available in different amplitude ranges
  • Offered with differing surface hardness degrees

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Vibration rolls help to alleviate non-specific backache.

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