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Work bench system

The right work bench system for greater productivity

There are a great many different workplaces in the industrial sector. A wide range of different rooms (workshop to industrial unit) and activities (from rough work through to assembling tiny parts) and the individual nature of the workers (age, body size, physique, skills) make many varied demands of workplace design.

Individual adjustment of the work bench

The work bench is designed for working in a sitting and also standing position, thus verifiably enhancing occupational health. It must therefore be possible to adapt it quickly and above all safely without any danger to the needs of the specific workplace situation. Particularly where shifts are worked with frequent staff changes or for recurring tasks at different heights, a memory function makes it much easier to make the adjustments.

Ergonomic attachment of accessories

The so-called handling area is another important aspect. All required workpieces, materials, tools and all accessories can be organised to be in the worker's immediate reach. In this way, it should be possible to avoid twisting and stretching the body in extreme positions. The best solution consists in accessory components that are fitted individually to the work bench. Particularly for high-precision mechanical tasks, it helps to support the elbows in order to relieve the pressure on the muscles in the torso, shoulders and neck.

Stability and lighting

The work bench must be very stable even under great loads. Optimum lighting for the specific work process is just as important, together with a low-reflection work bench surface.

Advice and briefing

Health-relevant product advice and briefing in correct product use is important. It should also be possible to respond to corresponding feedback from the workers so that the workplace can be modified if necessary. This creates a high level of acceptance, warranting that the ergonomic possibilities in the workplace are used correctly.

It's the overall concept that counts

The ideal industrial workplace consists of more than just the right work bench. A workplace always comprises several components, such as lighting, chair and workbench. Each component individually has to fulfil all ergonomic requirements. This is the only way to develop the ideal complete workplace concept. In the end, it takes a complete concept to benefit the worker's health, reduce sick leave levels, boost productivity and staff motivation while cutting costs at the same time.


Minimum requirements

  • Easily adjusted in height, user-friendly adjustment, large adjustment range
  • Memory function in case of electrical adjustment
  • Very stable
  • Low-reflection table tops in a range of different sizes
  • Table top materials corresponding to the particular requirements
  • Generous foot- and legroom
  • Homogeneous lighting possible
  • Individual, ergonomic, modular extension possibilities
  • Provider offers optimum advice with possible aftersale modifications

Also appropriate

  • Matching uprights
  • Adjustable swivel arms according to the load
  • Variable overhangs
  • Easy-running tool trolley
  • Tool-free adaptable shelving, differing sizes
  • Cable tray
  • Modules for production islands and corner arrangements
  • Drawer units
  • Arm rest, ergonomic and antistatic
  • Foot rest, variable height adjustment
  • Optimum media supply (power, compressed air)
  • Template holder, display panel holder, PC holder
  • Wide range of modular tool handling components
  • Concepts and products for ergonomic material provision in line with differing logistics philosophies

Products in this sector with the AGR seal of approval


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