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Back-friendly equipment for craft and do-it-yourself as well as for building cleaning

Craftsmen fulfil their daily work with full physical engagement and depend on their physical abilities. Therefore, they should protect their muscles and joints. However, this task proves to be difficult in the daily routine on the construction site.  The main weak point is the back and spine, because heavy weights, false posture and one-sided strains can impair the spine and lead to back problems.

But this also applies to other areas. Bending down, kneeling, lifting - cleaning staff have to do their job physically. One of the most frequent reasons for downtime is therefore diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The same therefore applies to all occupational groups. To relieve the back, backfriendly tools should be used. This does also apply to do-it-yourself enthusiast. In their case the unfamiliar strains in combination with unergonomical tools can take a toll.