1. At least 10% of the rooms must have back-friendly furnishings. In very large establishments, this goal can be implemented step-by-step, by agreement. The room furnishings must comply with the requirements defined by the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (e.g. with products bearing the AGR Seal of Approval).
  2. The following minimum standards must be met:
    • Back-friendly bed systems*
    • Pillows complying with today‘s standards, 80 x 40 cm.
    • An aid or support to make it easier to put shoes on while being back-friendly at the same time (e.g. shoe butler).
    • The hotel guests must be informed about the back-friendly features and how to use them (e.g. by trained staff, brochures or information films).
    • Business hotels must provide ergonomic seating furniture* for back-friendly working at the desk. This does not have to be part of the room furnishings and can be merely available on request, but should be offered actively to the guest. For holiday hotels, this feature is merely a recommendation.
  3. Moreover, there are also further recommendations:

    • Additional back-friendly seating furniture (upholstered furniture, armchairs or couch)*
    • A standing desk*
    • The bathroom suites (unless already available following refurbishment by the hotel) should fulfil back-friendly requirements (e.g. low entry to the shower cubicle, WC sitting height, etc.).
    • As far as possible, the phone should be positioned so that the guest can make phone calls while sitting and standing.
    • In addition, back-friendly furnishings should be integrated throughout the whole hotel and not just in the individual rooms (e.g. foyer, restaurant, bar, wellness area).
    • At least 10% of bicycles for hire (if available) should be back-friendly*
    • Staff in the wellness area involved in looking after the guests should have corresponding training and additional qualifications, e.g. back training instructors.
    • The workplaces used by the hotel staff should be inspected for back-friendly furnishings (desks and chairs*). The AGR will gladly provide the necessary expertise on request. Note: measures of this kind make an effective contribution to reducing sick leave statistics.
    • Congress and seminar hotels should be inspected for back-friendly furnishings and furnished or modified accordingly.

    The AGR is gladly available on request to provide corresponding qualified advice regarding „backfriendly furnishings“.

*with AGR Seal of Approval or comparable


  • Inspection of the minimum standards as per the AGR criteria for initial
    certification (one-off) €450 net.
  • Annual audit of the AGR criteria (minimum standards) €285 net.
  • Experience shows that the investment costs per room for fulfilling the minimum standards are
    between about €1,000 and €1,700 net (only 10% of the rooms or less have to fulfil these
    minimum standards, see point 1).

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