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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Cordless drill driver and cordless impact drill

Ergonomic DIY

DIY enthusiasts like to emulate professional craftsmen. This is also reflected in the tools they use. Increasingly, cordless drill drivers are replacing simple screwdrivers as it is a great relief to be able to drill and screw with the power of a machine without needing the mains. Every year, more than 1.2 million cordless power drills are sold in Germany. Purchasers tend to focus particularly on the power rating. But there is much more to be considered when buying these tools.

Good handling - among others with the dual grip

It's always worthwhile picking up different cordless power drills. A few major differences quickly become apparent. A good tool not only lies well in the hand: in addition, the tool axis and the recessed grip are in line with each other for optimum power transfer. The arched handle (so-called D-shape or dual grip) is also a great advantage. This changed angle permits two-handed operation. The new design also reduces the strain on the shoulder, arm and back muscles during drilling and screwing tasks, when using just one or also both hands.

Kick-back control function and low weight

Furthermore, all switches should be in easy reach and intuitive to use. Another important point: when buying a tool of this kind, make sure it has a so-called Kick-Back-Control. This switches the motor off immediately if the tool jams and stops it from turning any further. This is not only easier on the nerves but also makes it much safer to use the tool. When DIY enthusiasts are standing on a ladder for example, a sudden jolt could make them lose their balance and fall.

If the tool also provides the necessary power and is no heavier than about 1.5 kilos, then it fulfils the key ergonomic criteria. Even so, there are still a few additional aspects to make DIY activities less of a strain on the back and joints.


  • A modern ergonomic cordless drill driver should have a dual grip (D-shape) for working with two hands. The D-shape distributes weight and load across both shoulders.
  • If the surroundings are not well lit, it helps to have a light source fitted to the tool and aligned to the work surface. The tool can then be guided safely with both hands.
  • All the switches should make it possible to operate the tool as would be expected and with intuitive use. Example for forward/reverse rotation: sliding the switch forwards drives the screws into the material; sliding the switch backwards loosens the screws.
  • The power drill driver must have a Kick-Back-Control feature. If during work the tool should jam suddenly, for example on tilting into masonry, the motor immediately shuts down and prevents the tool from further turning.
  • There must be a noticeable reduction in the typical strains on neck, shoulder, arm and back muscles during drilling and screwing work. The lightweight design (max. 1.5 kg) may not be detrimental to the drilling and screwing power: at least 28 Nm (Newton meter) should be possible.

Minimum requirements

  • Reduced strain on the torso and arm muscles
  • Dual grip
  • Intuitive use as expected
  • Convenient, intuitive controls
  • Light source to illuminate the work surface
  • High drilling power
  • Lowest possible weight
  • Kick-Back-Control feature

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