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Whether at home, on the road or at work: every day we use products that make our lives easier or more beautiful. But do these products also make your back easier? Discover all back friendly products with the "AGR- seal of approval" of the Healthy Back Campaign. Just click through - you will be surprised!

Floor cleaning systems

Floor cleaning system without back pain

Cleaning is strenuous, especially for the back. Everyone who wipes the floor at home knows this. For people who earn their money with cleaning work it is decisive that their back and the joints remain healthy. For them ergonomic and back-friendly cleaning systems are available with which the work can be done much more easily and more efficiently.

40 percent of all cleaning workers complain about back pain

Cleaning large floor areas is strenuous physical work and is frequently a source of stress and strain for the joints and the back. But it is not only the strenuous activity that demands a lot from the professional cleaning workers; in addition they are usually also under time pressure. To make matters worse the surfaces to be cleaned are sometimes also difficult to reach. So it is hardly surprising that 40 percent of all cleaning workers complain about back pain, muscle tension and problems in the nape area. Frequent bending, carrying heavy buckets and the poor ergonomics of the cleaning tools take their toll.

Ergonomic and back-friendly cleaning

But professional floor cleaning systems show that it can also be done differently. During their development attention was not only given to a good cleaning result, but also that the burden is also reduced for the cleaning professionals. Because only if the working device also matches to the height can pain and tension be avoided. Cleaning workers should be able to work in an upright body posture. This is achieved by being able to adjust the shaft to the different heights of the cleaning workers. For example through a continuously adjustable telescopic shaft. This prevents unnecessary abnormal postures and burdens for the back.

Minimal exertion of force – best cleaning results

To be able to achieve a good cleaning result on larger surfaces the wiping movements should be performed in an S-shape, respectively the wiping movements follow the shape of a figure eight (symbol for infinity). This is for example supported with a shaft which has a pivot mounted S-shape in the upper third. Through this the wiping movements are performed intuitively with the minimal exertion of force. With conventional cleaning systems it is often necessary to twist the wrist joint. An additional pivot mounted grip at the end of the shaft prevents this. A relief amongst others for wrist joints and elbows.

Never carry a bucket again

For some situations, such as the cleaning of individual rooms or areas, there are systems in which separate containers for cleaning agents or wiping water can be dispensed with. In these systems, cartridges are used, small tanks, which can be filled with the respective cleaning agent, are simply attached to the handle. Through a special mechanism on the grip the cleaning agent is very easily applied to the surface during the wiping process. The block-free pulse jet system guarantees a precise dosage.

The cartridges should have a different size so that only the amount is carried that is really needed. As such a system must be ready for use at any time the cartridge with the cleaning agent should be fast and easy to change. Lifting and carrying heavy water buckets is dispensed with. A further plus: No water or cleaning agent is wasted anymore and lengthy preparation times are a thing of the past - the efficiency is increased.

Whether such a system can be used sensibly depends on factors such as the size of the area to be cleaned.

Suitable for every application purpose

Depending on the application purpose different requirements can be made towards the floor cleaning system. Therefore attention should be given that the manufacturer offers individual solutions that can be individually combined. This concerns the different size tanks, as well as how the dirt pick-up holders can be attached to the different types of wiping mops. Thereby attention should be given that these can be changed in an upright body posture. Thereby the frequent bending is avoided and the back is relieved. Recommendable here are systems with a Velcro fastening surface. Finally it should be possible to select the corresponding system that matches the application purpose.

Ergonomic floor cleaning systems reduce downtimes

Especially with professional floor cleaning systems attend to the points addressed above. Because conventional wipers amongst others lead to faster tiring and muscle tension, which in the final instance can affect the whole body. Over the long term these can even lead to a bad posture. The consequence: increased absenteeism times.

Floor cleaning systems with an ergonomically shaped S-shaft achieve best cleaning results with the minimum exertion of force - and notably with a distinctly lower stress burden for the body than with conventional floor cleaning devices.


  • Professional cleaning workers perform a work that is stressful for the back, joints and muscles. Therefore, the necessary aids and appliances should above all reduce the burden for the muscular and skeletal system as much as possible.
  • Easy to operate floor cleaning systems that are compatible for people of different sizes, for example through a height adjustable telescopic shaft, allow every person an upright, back friendly body posture. A shaft that is too short but also too long has a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system.
  • It must be possible to perform the cleaning movements efficiently (from the technical cleaning perspective), intuitively and comfortably. A pivot mounted S-shaped shaft and rotating grip can support this. The ideal S-movements with the cleaning take place intuitively and with minimum exertion of force.
  • If possible separately carried containers such as water buckets should be dispensed with. Lengthy preparation times are dispensed with.
  • Advantageous for example is a cartridge system (tanks), which is ideally offered in different sizes and which can be quickly and easily replaced. Thereby one only carries the amount that is also really needed.
  • With the cleaning system bending should be avoided as much as possible. Here a dosage lever attached to the upper part of the shaft can be helpful, with which the cleaning agent can be applied. Apart from this the floor wiping covers should be easy and comfortable to change. If applicable the manufacturer should offer different wiping systems according to the application purpose.
  • The whole system must have a high level of stability, as this ensures that the entire strength can be used for wiping instead of losing much energy in holding the floor wiper stable.

Minimum requirements

  • Adjustable to the body height
  • Intuitive, efficient swiping movements with minimal exertion of force
  • Comfortable application of the cleaning agent (For systems with integrated beam function)
  • High stability
  • Easy exchange of the wiping covers
  • Optimal weight

Also appropriate

  • Different size cartridges (tanks) (For systems with integrated beam function)
  • Different mop holders (wiping cover holders)

Products in this sector with the AGR seal of approval

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