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Ride-on scrubber-driers

Easy on the back – now even large areas can be cleaned ergonomically

When it comes to trade fair venues, airports, factories, event centres, shopping centres or similar facilities, cleaning areas that often measure several thousand square metres is genuinely a challenge for the operator. Economically cleaning medium to large areas would hardly be possible today without the use of ride-on floor scrubbers. These machines can clean up to 1300 square metres per hour depending on their size. That corresponds to the area of about 5 tennis courts. Meeting the highest ergonomic standards should not be a problem here.

Ergonomic Ride-on scrubber-driers

Ride-on floor scrubbers are specially designed, manoeuvrable vehicles with a seat for the operator. From the seat in the centre of the vehicle, the driver has a view of the entire work area. From there the driver controls application of the cleaning liquid and the brushes that scrub the floor. Subsequently a suction base picks up the dirty water and suctions it into the on-board dirty water tank. The floor is dry and can be walked on immediately after cleaning. Cleaning can take several hours depending on the size of the area. This means that aside from optimal cleaning performance, the comfortable and back-friendly operation of the machine has to be considered as well.

Great relief for cleaning staff

Ride-on floor scrubbers should be thought out down to the smallest details. That starts with slip-resistant steps for getting on and off easily. Ideally this should be possible on both sides of the vehicle. Experts call that a symmetrical workstation. After all, cleaning staff has to get up and down numerous times during a shift, for example to clear away obstacles. When this is possible on both sides, one-sided strain is avoided. Flexibility is enhanced as well.

Sitting better on the machine

The driver’s seat demands special attention. Positioned in the middle, it should be comfortable and of sufficient size, with an adjustable seat surface. This allows the distance to the pedals and steering wheel to be optimised and permits an ergonomic sitting posture. The most comfortable seats also have weight-dependent suspension as well as an angle-adjustable backrest and arm supports. Special full-cushion tyres provide good vibration damping while driving. An ergonomic steering wheel can be gripped securely and should be designed for an optimal view of all control elements and functions.

Numerous back-friendly details

Further details can make day-to-day work easier. A storage basket for auxiliary materials and tools at a convenient height for example and an easy to reach manual spraying and suction tool or mop are helpful. A brush head wear indicator is advantageous as well. This eliminates daily inspections that generally require kneeling. A screen prevents excessive soiling of the tank. Depending on the conditions, mounting an optional sweeper/suction attachment on the front of the machine to pick up coarse dirt makes the work a lot easier. Comfortable emptying of the sweepings container has to be observed in this case. Here what is known as a take-it-easy system offers relief.


  • Getting on and off has to be back-friendly and safe. Slip-resistant steps, handles or a steering wheel that can be used as a climbing aid provide support, along with the ability to get on and off on both sides.
  • The driver’s seat is of ultimate importance for the driver. Even smaller machines should have a seat of sufficient size with lengthwise adjustment. The driver spends more time sitting down when cleaning larger areas, which is why an adjustable backrest, height-adjustable arm supports and a suspension system are recommended here in addition. A lordosis support perfects the seat.
  • Safe and comfortable operation is essential for the driver. This is made possible by numerous, well thought-out features such as a centred driver’s seat. It provides a nearly perfect view of the control elements and the area to be cleaned. Special vibration damping, ergonomic arrangement of the brake pedal and accelerator, and an optional sweeper/suction attachment for sweeping and scrubbing in one operation are sensible as well. An indicator for missing or worn brushes is convenient, eliminating the daily laborious inspections (bending over or kneeling on the floor).
  • Cleaning the dirty water tank is generally among the driver’s burdensome tasks. A screen makes this more ergonomic by eliminating the removal of coarse dirt from the tank. A low tank height for good accessibility and smooth inner walls without corners or edges that prevent dirt from accumulating in the tank are advantageous.
  • Further ergonomic details include a lightweight dirty water tank that is safely held open with a large opening for easy cleaning, automatic cleaning of the suction base, a hinged suction base for easy daily maintenance, automatic brush replacement at the press of a button and good manoeuvrability with a small turning radius. The operator and back-friendly exchange of add-ons has to be possible by one person with no restrictions. With a sweeper/suction attachment for example, this is made possible by a quick-change function and casters for easy manoeuvring.

Minimum requirements

  • Back-friendly boarding and deboarding
  • Back-friendly sitting position
  • Safe and comfortable operation
  • Operator and back-friendly mounting/exchange of add-ons by one person
  • Vehicle complies with applicable EU directives

Also appropriate

  • Spray nozzle for cleaning on the vehicle (to clean the dirty water tank, working and cleaning tools, and all other parts to be serviced)
  • Safe and comfortable operation
  • Operator and back-friendly mounting/exchange of add-ons by one person
  • Vehicle complies with applicable EU directives

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