AGR - Campaign for Healthier Backs

The AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs) is an association supported by doctors and therapists which was founded in 1995.

The purpose of the association is to foster research into preventing backache and to process the findings from these research efforts in order to make a contribution to dealing with the widespread condition of backache (Article 2 of the statutes of the AGR e.V.).

Bachaches - causes and tips

Back pain has many causes. A summary with information and tips from proven back experts in various fields.

What is important for products to be back-friendly? Which products are particularly back-friendly?

Answers including checklists can be found here. Also you find a list with all products with our seal fo approval. This seal is more than just a sticker.
The AGR seal of approval marks particularly back-friendly products

Simple back exercises for everyday life can also be performed without any aids. We also show exercises with effective sports equipment that is really back-friendly - confirmed by doctors and therapists.

Supporting Members

Doctors and therapists support the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs)